Ring blower

air ring blower

Item No.: ECO098
Min.Order Quantity:20 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability:100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
payment Terms:T/T

ECOWATERCHINA  Regenerative Blowers are available in either single stage or double stage configurations. Single stage refers to the blower having one impeller and double stage refers to the blower having two impellers.




Advantages: •


Oil Free Air •

Low Noise Levels (64 – 88 db) •

Virtually Maintenance Free Operation •

Compact and efficient in electricity usage •

Trouble Free Installation (Can be mounted horizontally and vertically)

Industrial Duty Bearrings


Operational Performance:

Air Flow: 50 CFM up to 1413 CFM

Pressure: 47” in H2O up to 283” in H2O

Vacuum: 40” in H2O up to 189” in H2O



ECO RING Blowers has designed and manufactured regenerative blowers for a wide variety of applications, including: •

Wastewater Treatment Aeration •

Tank Aeration (Fish Pond Aeration) •

Soil Vapor Extraction •

Vacuum Lifting •

Gasoline Vapor Recovery •

Pneumatic Transport of Powders and Solids Groundwater Sparing •

Vacuum Hold Down •

Lagoon Gas Recovery

Landfill Gas Evacuation and •

Collection General Parts Drying.•

Material Handling






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