Paddle wheel aerator

Paddel wheel aerator 1HP 0.75KW

Item No.: ECO075
Min.Order Quantity:20 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:10000 Set/Sets per Month
Payment Terms:T/T






With the continuous development of aquaculture fisheries, intensive high-yielding aquaculture technology has been widely used,fishery farming increased significantly. In the process of aquaculture production increase, aerator has become an essential equipment to achieve high-yield fisheries intensive, plays an important role in the development of fishery economy. Reasonable use of oxygen machine can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen in the pool water, accelerate the pond water body material circulation, reduce or eliminate harmful substances, and promote plankton breeding. For the prevention and mitigation of fish floating head, to prevent flooding and improve pond water quality conditions, increase the amount of fish fed and increase yield and so have a good role in promoting.





Hereby economizing on energy with high efficiency,and saving over 20% electric energy over traditional models. Providing longer service life. Mechanical seal is used to ensure no oil leakage pollution.  Protector is installed inside the machine to avoid motor being burnt accidentally.. High efficiency oxygen transferring ability with 3.6kgs O2/h.  Have good water current circulation as the making of large area water wave.  Easy assortment, operation and maintenance




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