Plate fine bubble diffuser

Plate Membrane Diffusers

Item No.: ECO660
ECO plate diffusers are fairly simple to maintain and does not require often treatment, therefore it is suitable to be installed to any type of aeration tank.

1.Flooded plate made of environmental friendly polypropylene with fiberglass.
2.Simple and fast installation with use of grommet or saddle for DN90,110 and 114 tube
3.Compatiblility with other systems
4.Possibility for changing from DN64 tube diffusors to plate with higher efficiency
Membranes in high quality EPDM or Silicone with low plasticizer, compression and moled with 100% quality control,plate and ring in recyclable PP or ABS, SS304 nuts.
1.Replacement of other diffuser brands of any membrane and size.
2.Easy equipping or retrofitting any types and dimensions of piping.
3.High quality material to insure long service lift up to 10years in proper opearation.
4.Space and energy saving to cut down human and operation cost.
5.Quickly to outdated and less efficient technologies.


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