Roots blower

Roots air blower

Item No.: ECO983
Min.Order Quantity:20 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability:100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
payment Terms:T/T

1,High efficiency, low noise, small vibration, saving energy 

2,long span life, 3 lobes 
3,high accuracy, reliable operation 


Three lobes roots blower for aquaculture :

Aquaculture roots blower

Aeration Roots Blower

Aquaculture Air Blower

Three Lobes Roots blower



Accessory: suction silence (with air filter). Discharge silence, safety valve, pressure gauge, cock, vibration-isolating base, rubber vibration isolator, expansion joint, check valve, gate valve
1 positive displacement blower, no compression, air conveying is smooth, there is small flow rate changes along with pressure changes.
2, Special impeller of mesh curve and small enclosure make the roots blower high efficiency, low energy consumption, and it is a new energy-saving products.
3, High volume and anti-heat efficiency, so it is energy-saving. The blower rotor adopted the advanced Composite curve, the meshing is more reasonable, and further increases the volume efficiency.
4, Tri-lobe linear-shaped impeller making inlet and outlet pulsation quiet with low noise and vibration.
5, High-precision synchronous hard-toothed surface gears ensure long life.
6, doulbe-line bearing, can adjust the concentricity with strong fighting force, low vibration, moreover, and highly increase the life of the blowers.
7. Clean transported air without any oil-dust, as the blower sealing structure is reasonable, oil can not enter the chassis, thus the air is very clean.

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