Tube fine bubble Diffuser

Tube Membrane Diffusers

Item No.: ECO6310
The Tube Fine Bubble Diffuse is a kind of aeration equipment fixed at the bottom of the tank. It has the advantages of simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance, air hole is not easy to block.


1. Non-buoyancy aeration tube design. 
2. EPDM/ SILICONE/ TPU membrane adoption. 
3. ABS tube diffuser support and air intake. 
4. Germany SS304 clamps are fixed on the aeration tube membrane. 
5. Flash board and NPT3/4''theading connections for option.

Technical parameter&curv


1. Easy to install . 
2. Low loss of pressure due to the non-buoyancy tube design. 
3. Antomatic cleaning function to prevent blocking. 
4. Preventing corrosion with ABS raw material . 
5. Low maintenance and service life can be 5~10 years. 
6. Low energy consumption. 
7. Well packaged with foampaper in each tube piece.


1.Municipal/industrial/human wastewater treatment. 
2.Lagoon system. 
3.Fishing farms aeration 
4.Active sludge treatment


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